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This manual is on adding and removing students in Canvas.


Training Manual

Lesson 1 Adding Students in Canvas

1) Select The Course Title From The Dashboard ( or the Courses in the Global Navigation Bar)

[1] Select: Course Title from Dashboard

[2] Select: Course from Global Navigator > Title from Course List

2) Course Navigator: Select People

3) Select:+People Button ( top right corner)

4)Enter Student Email Address in the Text Box

1. Add User By: Leave a Email Address

2. Add Students:  [email protected] ***If entering multiple student, separate with a comma***

3. Role: Student

4. Section: Leave at default title

5. Can interact with users in their section only: Unchecked

6. Select: Next

5A) If the student(s) have an account on our network: You will receive a green check asking to Add user

Select: Add User

5B) If student(s) do NOT have an account on our network: You will receive a message:

" We were unable to nd matches below. Select any you would like to create as new users. Unselected will be skipped at this time. "

1. Check to make user the email address is correct

2. Select Next > Email IT: [email protected] with First and Last Name, Grade and School.

6) You have successfully add a student to your course!!!

Lesson 2 Deleting Students From Your Course

1) In Course Navigator: Select People

2) Select: More Options ( Beside Student Name) > Select: Remove User From Course

3) Are You Sure You Want to Remove User? > Select: Yes

4) You have successfully removed a user!!!

Additional Resources

IT Support Email Address: [email protected]

Still need help? Message Us

Please include:

-Teacher Full Name

-Student Full Name

-Grade and School

-Schedule( if possible)

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